Hunan Expedites Advancement in Press & Publishing

Hunan Province held a working conference on the morning of February 4 to iron out plans for speeding up the construction of a strong province in press and publishing in 2012.

According to the conference, Hunan will intensify efforts in production and dissemination of excellent works, and develop more and more original works, best-sellers, readings related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers,and minor’s readings of higher quality. Hunan will also encourage on-line publishing organizations to create more and more masterpieces, and support the publishing of online games. In addition, the province will vigorously promote the construction of book houses in rural areas, launch the pilot project of reading bullets (screens), and facilitate the development of digital publishing and copyright innovation industry. Endeavor will also be made to support the qualified press and publishing enterprises to invest abroad, and publishing enterprises to conduct inter-province merger and reorganization.

Zhang Minsi

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