China sent official delegation to Libya to discuss participation in reconstruction

A building site of Chinese company in Libya.

The Chinese government sent an official delegation from the Ministry of Trade to the Libyan capital Tripoli, as well as representatives from private companies which are already working in Libya.

On the agenda – discussion with the new government about the safety of Chinese assets and participate in rebuilding the country after the political transformation.

During the visit the delegation members will visit the Libyan capital Tripoli and city of Bengazi – the second largest city in the country – to assess the damage due to the unrest in the country, and will meet in the new government officials to discuss ongoing construction projects and special programs for the Chinese government in this North African country .

The head of the Chinese delegation was Wang Shenyang, head of the foreign investment and economic cooperation department of the Ministry of Commerce. The main theme of the Chinese delegation visits are house-building, development of rail and telecommunications in the devastated country.

The Government of Libya has already expressed its gratitude for China’s participation in the reconstruction of the state and expressed hope for expansion of economic cooperation in the future.

The Libya Civil War broke out in the background of the “Arab Spring” in March 2011 against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the founder of Libya, an uprising began in the city of Bengazi and other settlements in the east of the country. Power in the country now officially belongs to the interim authority – the National Transitional Council (NTC), whose main task is to create new legislation and set up a road-map for the transition of the country to a constitutional democracy with an elected government.

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