Iran considers veto power of Russia and China “legitimate”

The decision of Russia and China to block a draft resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council was “legitimate”, said Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian news agency IRNA reports.

The UN Security Council has turned into an instrument by which the West is putting pressure on individual countries. At this time, Russia and China are opposed to this.” Salehi said. Resolution on Syria would be interference in the internal affairs of Syria, he said, adding that such issues are not within the competence of the UN Security Council.

According to him, a veto imposed on the draft resolution on Syria by Russia and China, should be “a signal about the unacceptability of the West of using the UN Security Council as its instrument.” The head of Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that the U.S. blocked the UN Security Council for more than 60 anti-Israeli diplomatic documents, which is “clear evidence of bias and partiality.”

February 4, Russia and China have used the veto power when voting in the UN Security Council taken by the delegation of Morocco, a draft resolution on Syria. In support of the document, were co-sponsored by seven countries – members of the Council. 13 states vote in favor, no abstentions, “vetoed” by Russia & China.

To pass a decision, the resolution must get support from nine of the 15 Security Council members, provided that any of the “five” of its permanent members – including the United Kingdom, China, Russia, USA and France, will not use the veto power.

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