Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Li Baodong after Adoption of Security Council Draft Resolution on Syria

The Security Council just voted on the draft resolution on Syria. China voted against the resolution.

China has all along followed closely the developments in Syria. We call on all parties in Syria to stop violence, avoid, in particular, casualties of innocent civilians, restore order in the country as soon as possible, and respect the request of Syrian people for reform and safeguarding of their own interests. This serves the fundamental interests of Syria and its people. We support the good offices efforts made by the Arab League to resolve the Syrian crisis, so as to promote early launch of an inclusive political process led by Syrian people and extensively participated by all pasties, peacefully resolve differences and disputes through dialogue and negotiations, and restore stability in Syria.

The international community should provide constructive assistance to help achieve the above goals. At the same time, the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria should be fully respected. The actions of the Security Council on the Syrian issue should comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and help ease the tensions, help promote political dialogue and defuse disputes, and help maintain peace and stability in the Middle East region, rather than complicate the issue.

Under these principles, China has taken an active part in the consultations on the draft resolution, and supported the efforts made by the Arab League to facilitate a political settlement of the Syria issue and maintain stability in the region. Like many Council members, China maintains that, under the current circumstances, to put undue emphasis on pressuring the Syrian government, prejudge the result of the dialogue or impose any solution will not help resolve the Syrian issue,but instead may further complicated the situation. China supports the revision proposals raised by Russia, and has taken note that the Russian Foreign Minister will visit Syria next week. The request for continued consultation on the draft by some Council members is reasonable. It is regrettable that these reasonable concerns are not taken into account. To push through a vote when parties are still seriously divided over the issue will not help maintain the unity and authority of the Security Council, or help properly resolve the issue. In this context, China voted against the draft resolution.

Syria is an important country in the Middle East. Peace and stability in Syria serves the common interests of the Syrian people and the international community. China will continue to work with the international community and play a positive and constructive role in the proper settlement of the Syrian issue.

From Chinese Mission to the United Nations

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