French company left China to prevent “looting of technology”

The designer and manufacturer of video surveillance systems pull its production of robotic cameras out from China to avoid looting of its technology.

The company TEB, specializing in the design and implementation of video surveillance systems and CCTV, and one of the five largest national operators of the sector, repatriates from China. “The question is about quality, efficiency, and especially to prevent the looting of our technology,” says its president Stephane Bidault.

The company (15 million euros in turnover, 90 employees), which had entrusted this production to a Chinese partner since 2004, has developed a new, more efficient technology. “The sharpness of images in high definition is six times greater than current standard,” says the manager. The company decided to avoid any infringement on a market, albeit steadily growing but highly competitive.

Cheaper production cost

This relocation has no problems so far. “With a little logic and a lot of intelligence, we can produce in France equivalently or slightly less in terms of cost, which is also a backup network of subcontractors,” says Stephen Bidault. The company has built an assembly line specifically dedicated to the new robotic camera and is making the country the various components.

Founded in 1978, TEB innovation development employs a team of 9 engineers with an annual budget of EUR 1.5 million in R&D. The company seeks to boost its foreign operations, which already weighs a quarter of sales, targeting Russia and some emerging markets. But certainly not in China now.

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