China to defend its historic rights in the China Sea

Beijing is determined to assert its rights on most of the East China Sea, reported the Japanese daily “Asahi Shimbun”.

According Shicun Wu (吴士存), chairman of the National Institute for the Study of the South China Sea, an offshoot of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the “historical rights” are not only navigation but also on fishing in waters surrounding the Spratly and Paracel islands.

In a newspaper interview, Dr.Wu uses the traditional Chinese themes promoted by China, that these coral reefs were discovered by fishermen who had began to use them. And the expert added that the Spratly Islands belong to China even before the United Nations Convention to be applied. For Chinese specialist, this Convention which came into force in 1994 and was signed in 1996 by China, is “insufficient” to resolve issues of sovereignty over the South China Sea. “We must take other international courts into account,” he said. Wu believe it is necessary to distinguish issues of the South Sea from those of the East China Sea.

In any case, tensions could rise quickly. Beijing plans to increase its air patrols to cover the disputed areas between Japan and China, including the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands) and Shirakaba gas field.

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