At least one Tibetan was killed by police in Sichuan

Chinese police were forced to open fire on protesters who tried to to storm a police station in the county of Seda (Serthar County), a Tibetan area of Sichuan, at least one Tibetan was killed. Announced the official Xinhua news agency on Wednesday, January 25. “The police were forced to open fire, killing one rioter and wounding another,” Xinhua reported. The riot led to thirteen arrests. The western part of Sichuan province is dominated by ethnic Tibetans and adjacent to the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Citing a police officer, Xinhua said that demonstrators attacked Changguan police station early in the afternoon “with bottles, knives and stones.” “They also opened fire at us, wounding four officers,” added the source of police. Seda located 680 km west of the capital of Sichuan, Chengdu.

The police opened fire after the failure of attempts to appeal for calm and use non lethal weapons to disperse the crowd. The clashes took place in the wake of events in the same region inhabited by the ethnic Tibetan.

The Chinese security forces are on high alert after a series of Tibetans’ sacrifices in recent months. Since last March, sixteen people, mostly monks and Buddhist nuns, tried to set themselves on fire. At least eight of them did not survive.

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