Buffett celebrates Chinese New Year by playing ukulele

The famous American billionaire Warren Buffett has expressed good wishes for the Chinese New Year in an unusual way. Broadcasted on one of the most watched programs in the world, the staging of the businessman is neat.

Warren Buffett once again hit the headlines. After his famous “Tax me” calling to the U.S. Congress, the multibillionaire sent his singing to Chinese people this time.

In a short video clip broadcasted by China Central Television channel and on the Internet, the oracle of Omaha wished Happy New Year to the Chinese in presenting the folk song “I’ve been working on the railroad.” And to enhance his performance, the CEO of the investment company Berkshire Hathaway comes with ukulele.


The producer of the program, Wang Pingjiu, told the Xinhua News Agency: “We all know that Buffett is very good at investing, but few people also know that he sings very well.” The performance of the famous American investor was delivered at the New Year TV show of China Central Television Channel 1, one of the most watched programs in the world.

Warren Buffett and his friend Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, are well known in China because of their great success in Business. Warren Buffett holds shares of Chinese carmaker, BYD. In addition, the investor who focuses on Asia said that China “has done wonderful things, and the best is yet to come.”

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