A friend in need: Belarus will focus on China

“We are very grateful that the Chinese government cares about us.” said the President of Belarus.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that China’s experience in the field of international relations and maintaining stability of country can be useful to Belarus.

The corresponding statement was made by Lukashenko in an interview with Chinese media. “China is open to us, telling how to do, how to build relationships with others. We are very grateful that the Chinese government cares about us.” said the President, emphasizing the flexibility of Beijing in conducting international affairs.

Lukashenko especially appreciated the Chinese experience and network technologies in control of the Internet, and the stabilizing role of China in the world. “Thank god, that 1.5 billion people live safely and China is growing. God forbid to destabilize the Republic of China. It will be bad for everyone: Americans, Japanese and Russians, both in Europe and in America,” said the President.

Some observers have noted that such rave reviews by Lukashenko have good reason. The fact is that thanks to China’s financial intervention Minsk managed to survive the spring of 2011 when the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the IMF and several international agencies have organized monetary attack on the republic.

According to analysts, the target of non-military aggression was the machine-building complex, which the Belarusian authorities failed to keep after the collapse of the Soviet Union. An acute shortage of foreign currency and irregular supply of electricity were to force Minsk carrying out the privatization of industrial enterprises on the Russian model and to obtain loans from the IMF. In such cases, the exchange leads to the destruction of the social sphere. However, the assistance of China and Venezuela, in fact, saved the republic of Belarus.

Chongqing Daily

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