Foreign Ministry: China supports the Russian draft resolution on Syria

China supports Russia draft resolution on Syria, announced Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin at a press briefing.

“China supports the positive efforts of Russia, aimed at resolving the Syria crisis and is ready to continue participating in the consultations on the basis of the proposed project by the Russian side”, said the diplomat.

“China calls on all parties in Syria to cooperate with the Arab League, stop the violence, begin an inclusive political process and promote reform in order to overcome differences,” said Liu Weimin.

In addition, the diplomat said Beijing “supports the decision for Syria in the Arab League and the constructive efforts of this organization.”

Liu Weimin also expressed his hope to continue to work with the Arab League observers in Syria.

The diplomat also noted that consideration of the Syrian issue in the UN Security Council “should contribute to ease tensions in the country and promote political dialogue and reduce conflict, maintain peace and stability in the Middle East.

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