State Council Information Office director speaks of the role of Internet and microblog in China

State Council Information Office gave a press conference Wednesday to review its work in 2011. The Internet was the focus of attention of Chinese and foreign media.

The National Information Office of the Chinese Internet was created May 4, 2011. The office director Wang Chen (王晨) said that the information service and management of the Internet in China entered a new phase:

“Since China joined the international Internet in 1994, the Internet has grown rapidly. The Internet is an important new media that increasingly influencing to the economy and society. It plays an important and positive role for economic development, equitable access to knowledge, and also the participation of the population control and enrichment of cultural life. ”

At the end of 2011, China, which already had 513 million Internet users, ranked first in the world for the number of Internet users. Of these, 356 million access the Internet via their mobile phone and half of them have a micro blog. With regard to the form in which the development of the Internet, Wang Chen noted that the Chinese Internet was open to the outside, and its prospects for investment were excellent and exciting. Especially since China’s accession to the WTO, many foreign Internet companies have come to China and participate in the development of the Chinese Internet.

Facing the doubts raised by the media regarding the real name registration protocol of micro blog, Wang Chen said it was a very sensitive issue that concerned many people. “On one hand, it is true that the micro blog can represent the popular demand and social expectations, make positive voice be heard, enrich the information and control over public opinion. However, as a personal media, micro blog has changed the structure of public expression, and permits along with the rapid spread of irrational voice of a negative opinion and harmful information such as pornographic topics. There is a new challenge to ensure the information security of the Internet, harmony and social stability.”

By 2010, the user number of micro blogs increases explosively. In one year, it reached 330 million people. According to recent statistics, every day the micro blogs generate 150 million entries. The real name registration protocol began in late 2011, first in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and will be generalized when this test phase is completed.

Wang Chen said that the decision was taken following the decision of the NPC on the safety of the Internet and in line with relevant regulations such as “The regulations of the Communication in the People’s Republic of China”.

“This applies to first-time users, regulation to the former users will come later. In addition, we will take steps to ensure full security of personal information and to fight against acts that violate the law.”

The number of users among officials of party organs and government has exceeded 50 000. Wang Chen said that the micro blog is a new channel of communication between the party and government on the one side, and the people on the other side.

“Overall, we give our support to the use of micro blog by the administrative organs of the party and government. We believe that the micro blog is an important platform for information exchange. It helps these organs to know the aspirations of public opinion while providing administrative information, responding to queries that interested people and helping them solve problems in their daily life.

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