China’s Strong Demand for US Films

According to “China Film Industry Report 2011” issued by EntGroup, there are 62 imported films introduced to China in 2010, and box-office gross is RMB 4.448 billion, accounting for 43.7% of annual box-office gross. Under the influence of Avatar, Inception and other imported films, box-office in 2010 is up by 65% over 2009, and is greater than 27% of average growth rate in recent years. Compared to the relevant data in 2002~2010, the proportion of imported films falls slowly, and the proportion of 2008~2010 is lower than 45%. The reason is that competitiveness of domestically produced films is enhanced continuously, and especially more and more Sino-imported films breaking the box office records increase the market share of domestically produced films.

Among the 62 films shown in 2010, top 10 films are from America (or co-produced with other countries), and the ten films are the most popular in 2010. According to the statistics, the box office receipts of ten films is RMB 46 billion up to Dec. 29, 2010 and box office receipt of Chinese films is RMB 3.35 billion , accounting for 7.3%. “Avatar” wins the box-office champion with the box office of 1,390 million in the ten films. Three films from Disney and three films from Warner Bros. are also in the top 10 position.

Compared to 2009, office-box income of top 10 imported films is significantly increased. There are 7 films with over 100 million RMB among top ten films in 2009, five films with 100~200 million RMB. However, in 2010, income of top 10 films is all over RMB 100 million, income of 5 films is over RMB 200 million, and income of one film named “Avatar”, as an imported film, is firstly over 10 billion RMB in Chinese film market. The box-office gross of top ten imported films in 2010 is 3.35 billion RMB, accounting for 75% of the gross box-office of 62 films. By contrast, concentration of box-office of import films is quite low and the income of top 10 imported films is 1.82 billion RMB, accounting for 67% in 2009.


This report adopts both quantitative and qualitative methods, and combines revenue figures of the film market to conduct the research on the Chinese film industry. The statistics used in this report is primarily from the figures announced on China Film News, gathered from the Computer Ticketing Network Centre of National Film Special Fund Office, while the market ranking data was obtained from the China Film Exhibition & Distribution Association, as well as data provided by main film circuits in the country. The above data were cross-examined by interviewing major cinema circuits and distribution companies. All the figures and statistics used in this report were obtained from more than one source, and they were cross-examined repeatedly and were analyzed comprehensively, to ensure the greatest accuracy and authenticity.

Source: EntGroup Consulting

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