PLA airborne commando returns from anti-terrorism drill

The 21 members of the “Leishen” airborne commando of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), who had been to Venezuela to participate in the South American jungle anti-terrorism joint drill and joint training, returned to their barracks in triumph on November 17, 2011.

Venezuela’s special force anti-terrorism training is known across the world for being very tough, highly intensive, thrilling and exacting, and quite close to real war. In 1999, Hu Huaguo and Wang Yalin, members of the PLA “Leishen” airborne commando, went to Venezuela for international anti-terrorism concentrated training course, and they were the only two foreign cadets who had completed all the training subjects. Their deeds were made into a movie “Charging out Amazon”.

In mid-October of this year, the airborne force of the PLA once again organized a “Leishen” commando to participate in a one-month-long special force anti-terrorism joint drill and joint training in Venezuela. During the period, the 21 members underwent 17 hours of highly-intensive training a day, and amid actual fires and guns they completed joint training on 23 subjects including 10 hours of sniper lurking in stuffy environment, 1000m super long-range sniper firing, 400m low-altitude armed parachuting day and night, helicopter sliding down in jungles, 5000m high-altitude parafoil penetration behind enemy line in the context of actual war, and all achieved excellent scores.

After 20 days of joint training, on November 8, local time, the “Leishen” commando and the 42nd Paratrooper Brigade of Venezuela conducted the “2011 airborne joint anti-terrorism drill” with rescuing the hostages kidnapped by drug traffickers as the main task.

Zhong Wenli and Zhao Qihong

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