Chinese president urges writers, artists to produce “great works”

Great times call for great writers and artists, and the people expect great literary and artistic works, President Hu Jintao said Tuesday while speaking to an audience of 3,300 who represent the country’s literary and art circles.

Writers and artists should be aware of the sacred mission assigned to them by the times and the people, Hu said at a joint inaugural ceremony for the Ninth National Congress of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC) and the Eighth National Congress of the China Writers’ Association (CWA).

Other senior leaders present at the inauguration, held at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing, included Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang.

In his speech, the president called on Chinese writers and artists to persist in the principles of “Serve the People and Serve Socialism,” “Let All Flowers Bloom Together” and “Let Hundreds of Schools Contend.”

He advised them to get close to the realities and lives of the masses, uphold the spiritual torch of the Chinese nationality, and produce a greater number of excellent works that live up to the history, the times and the people.

He expected the writers and artists to create a new dawn for literature and art, and use their wisdom and power to promote the development and prosperity of the socialist culture, noting that artistic undertakings are an important part of the socialist cause with China’s own characteristics and a major part of socialist culture.

The top leader spoke highly of the country’s writers and artists for their contribution of a large amount of spiritual food with rich ideological connotations and outstanding artistic quality to the people.

The role of writers and artists is irreplaceable for the comprehensive development of the Chinese people, and they have won the trust of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the people, Hu said.

Hu urged literary and artistic circles to study and implement the essence of the recent 6th plenary session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, while upholding the great banner of socialism with China’s own characteristics, taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of “Three Represents”, and carrying out the Scientific Outlook on Development.

China is facing rare and historic opportunities in developing its literature and art as the world is in a critical period of readjustment and the country is witnessing prosperous development of socialism with its own characteristics, the president said.

He urged the writers and artists to persist in the correct orientation and to be more self-conscious and active in bearing the historic responsibility of leading social progress with the socialist advanced culture.

The leader went on to emphasize the Party’s role in developing art and literature, by urging Party committees and governments at different levels to be fully aware of the importance of artistic pursuits under the new circumstances.

Writers and artists must be trusted politically, supported in their work and cared for in their daily life, Hu said, hoping that there will be a boom in the number of talented writers and artists and a burst of creativity among these people.

Speakers at the opening ceremony included Sun Jiazheng, chairman of the CFLAC; Lu Hao, the first secretary of the Chinese Communist Youth League’s Secretariat; and Du Jincai, deputy director of the General Political Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Li Bing, vice head of the China Writers’ Association, presided over the ceremony.

The congresses, which are scheduled to last until Friday, will hold hearings on reports regarding the work of the CFLAC and the CWA in the past five years, and examine and approve new five-year plans for the two organizations.


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