PLA establishes strategic planning department

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday established a strategic planning department to improve the strategic management of the military, according to a conference marking the department’s founding held here.

Approved by President Hu Jintao and the Central Military Commission (CMC), the establishment of the planning department carries great significance for boosting the CMC’s strategic management functions, Guo Boxiong, vice chairman of the CMC, said while addressing the meeting.

Guo said such a move will help beef up the quality and efficiency of the building of the country’s defense and military.

Affiliated with the the PLA’s General Staff Headquarters, the newly-founded strategic planning department has been tasked with studying key strategic issues, drawing out development and planning for the military’s growth, and raising proposals on the general allocation and macro control of the military’s strategic resources.

The department will also be responsible for coordinating efforts for addressing issues concerning different general departments of the military and checking and evaluating the implementation of the military’s development plan.

Guo urged setting up an efficient work system in the strategic planning department, calling on the department to make best use of its talents to contribute to the scientific and democratic decision-making by the CMC.


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