The Making of “The Flowers of War”

New Pictures, the production company of Zhang Yimou’s soon-to-be-released epic war blockbuster “The Flowers of War“, is about to publish a special book in memory of the making of the movie.

Regarded as one of Zhang’s most incredible creations to date, the director and his production team devoted themselves completely to the project during the filming stages. In the run up to its release on December 16, a commemorative book, which recalls the 164-day shooting process, will be published in the middle of December.

All of the film’s cast members, including the original novelist Yan Geling, screenwriter Liu Heng, the male lead Christian Bale, Chinese actor Tong Dawei, Huang Haibo and Nie Yuan, Japanese actor Atsuro Watabe, propmen and costume supervisors have contributed to the book. The new “Mou Girl”, the actress who portrays the female lead of Yu Mo in the movie, also shares the story of how she finished her first love scene with Christian Bale.

Chen Nan
Chinese Films

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