Over 7000 workers went on strike in Guangdong

More than 7000 employees of a factory producing shoes for Adidas, Nike and New Balance went on strike against layoffs and wage cuts. Dozens of workers were injured when police tried to dismantle a roadblock set up by the strikers on the main street of the town near Dongguan (东莞).

Employees of the plant “Yucheng” (裕成制鞋厂) near Huangjiang (黄江) in southern China, went on strike after the dismissal of 18 of their officers, interpreted by workers as a sign of upcoming relocation. One of the executives who has been fired told the press that his dismissal was part of a proposed relocation of production in Jiangxi province to reduce costs that are higher in Dongguan, the manufacturing hub of China.

The strike is the latest in a series of incidents and social movements that erupted in Guangdong, a region known as the great workshop of the world that attract tens of millions of migrant workers. The elimination of bonuses and overtime are also the source of the anger of the factory workers of Yucheng. “Our basic monthly salary is only 1100 yuan” and “we really need to work overtime,” said a worker to the Yangcheng Evening News. The newspaper said the actions of local authorities to maintain an overtime, were not answered by management of the plant that is owned by an investment group in Taiwan.

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