Strengthening military ties with Australia: Obama angers China again

The decision of the United States to deploy 2500 marine in Australia to strengthen its alliances with its partners in Asia Pacific is double-edged and strongly irritates the authorities in Beijing. The agreement with Australia is the first of its kind since the end of the Vietnam War in the 70s.

The agreement comes as the Pentagon budget cuts, but Chinese mainly concerned about this decision, worried of being encircled by U.S. warships in the vicinity of Chinese territorial waters. Following the announcement made jointly by Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, the spokesman for the Chinese foreign minister, reacted strongly: “It is not very appropriate to intensify and expand military alliances with countries in the region.”

Since the end of the second world war, the United States have large military bases in South Korea and Japan but has closed several bases in the 90’s in the Philippines, Southeast Asia.

Yesterday Barack Obama said about this deployment “is a strategic decision. The United States wants to play a long-term in the region and we do not seek to isolate China.” According to Obama, they are allies of the United States in al region, namely Japan and India have asked the U.S. deployment. Remains that a new Cold War with China may be advanced on the horizon, just as Chinese to endow a real navy. China also claims several small islands in the region, particularly in the east and south of the South China Sea that are rich in energy resources.

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