2011 China (Hunan) Private Economy Investment Fair to Be Held Late November

The “2011 China (Hunan) Private Economy Investment Fair & Chinese Businessmen at Home and Abroad Visiting Hunan” is scheduled to be launched in Changsha from Nov. 28 to 30. More than 400 Chinese businessmen working in China and from over 20 countries and regions will attend the event, in a bid to propel the construction of resource-conservation and environment-friendly society in Hunan Province.

Cui Yongping, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce introduced the event. It is scheduled to include six sections such as the signing ceremony for major projects. Up till now, more than 60 private enterprises among the top 500 in China as well as chambers of commerce and industry and commerce associations from over 20 countries such as the United States and France have received the invitation.

The highlight of the event is to integrate private economy with the “Two-Oriented Society” construction. Cui stated that Hunan will inspect and screen the enterprises who intend to attend the event, so as to ensure that their projects conform to the actual situation of Hunan Province and serve the “Two-Oriented Society” construction.

Zhou Jingqi

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