China and Pakistan hold “Friendship 2011” anti-terrorism joint training

As agreed upon by the Chinese and Pakistani militaries through consultations, the “Friendship 2011” China-Pakistan anti-terrorism joint training will be held on November 14-27, 2011 in Pakistan.

This joint training will be conducted in six steps, namely “intelligence and information exchange, long range manoeuvre, establishment of a joint command structure, adaptability training, comprehensive training, and theoretical discussions”.

A total of 260 Chinese troops, including special force and some army aviation helicopters, as well as some transport aircraft of the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to be responsible for transport support tasks, participate in the training.

A total of 230 Pakistani troops, including special force and some helicopters and fighter jets, participate in the training.

This is the 4th anti-terrorism joint training to be held by the Chinese and Pakistani armies with the aim to improve the two militaries’ capability to jointly deal with non-traditional security threats.

Lv Desheng

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