Lenovo aims to expand in China through online business

Lenovo wants to focus on the online sales more than ever in the coming years – especially in China. Young people who were born after 1980s are the main purchasing power on the Internet. This target group is particularly important to Lenovo.

Lenovo’s online business has already grown 200-300 percent a year since its launch in 2008. According to the report, Lenovo online store ranks third place among all the Chinese suppliers that aimed at end users. Among the manufacturers, it ranks even higher.

In the first half of the year Lenovo sold an average of one PC every minute from online store – a rate that should have doubled in the second half. One of the most important success factors are collaborations with shopping sites such as taobao.com, newegg.com.cn and 360buy.com.

Lenovo wants to secure its position as the second-largest PC manufacturer of the world in the medium term. The sales records for the third quarter of 2011 showed a significant increase in all areas.

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