China cracking down on fake media and false information

China announced Monday the launch of a campaign against the false information, the fake journalists and the illegal press, as part of strengthening the control exercised by the authorities.

Those fake media were peddling false information “severely disrupted the press and publishing industry, and have undermined social harmony and stability,” said in a statement released by the General Administration of Press and publishing.

The campaign, which is accompanied by stronger media guidelines on official sources of information, will last until the end of the year, said the Administration.

The authorities have also announced the hotline of the campaign: 12390, 010-65212870/2787 as well as its website:

In late October, the authorities had ordered tighter control of the Internet, including social networks, to prevent the publication of “rumors” and “vulgar” material.

Last month, Chinese leaders have adopted a directive to “protect the safety” of Chinese culture during the plenum of the Communist Party (CCP).

According to independent observers, this is in large part to strengthen Party control over all media, while a new generation of leaders must come to power in China in one year.

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