French company AREVA and CNNC strengthen their collaboration in nuclear safety

Luc Oursel, CEO of French company AREVA and Yu Peigen, Vice-President of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation between AREVA and CNNC in the areas of nuclear safety and operational excellence.

Under the agreement, the two groups will work together to improve the operating performance, optimization and maintenance of existing reactors.

A working group will be set up to explore the scope and modalities of this collaboration which will include a feedback from the accident at the Fukushima plant and measures to optimize power stations operated by CNNC.

This agreement is a continuation of long-term partnership between AREVA and CNNC in many areas. It demonstrates the major role played by both sides in achieving the ambitious targets set by the Chinese authorities in the nuclear field.

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