Huayi Brothers and Bona Films to Takes Stakes in Distribution Company China Lion

During a recent press conference hosted by film companies the Huayi Brothers Media and the Bona Films Group, the two companies announced that they will take stakes in the China Lion Film Distribution Company in Chicago, America, on October 31.

The move is aimed at promoting Chinese films for release at the same time around the world.

Yu Dong, Wang Zhonglei and Jiang Yanming, the presidents of Bona Films, Huayi Brothers and China Lion, respectively, were present at the event.

In 2010 there were roughly 500 Chinese film productions which earned a total of around 10 billion yuan, signalling the beginning of a lucrative period for Chinese films. While consolidating the domestic market, the two entertainment giants have turned their eyes on overseas markets, in an effort to recommend high-quality Chinese films to audiences by promoting the release of their films at the same time around the world.

China Lion, as the very first company to distribute Chinese films in international markets simultaneously alongside the Chinese markets, has signed with mainstream cinemas chain AMC to screen Chinese films perennially in North America.

Feng Xiaogang’s “Aftershock” was the first production China Lion distributed, following by “If You are the One 2,” “What Women Want,” and “The Founding of a Party.” The company has built a good reputation among Chinese-Americans abroad.

“Exporting Chinese films is a meaningful thing, which can promote cultural exchanges and enrich people’s recreational lives.” Jiang Yanming said. “The Chinese government is reviving cultural industries and encouraging the export of Chinese culture. Participation in our company from Bona and Huayi Brothers will definitely promote Chinese films’ development overseas.”

Liu Shuai

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