“Bright Sunshine” Opens the 7th Chinese American Film Festival

Ni Ping gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the 7th Chinese Amercian Film Festival.
Ni Ping, the well-known former CCTV host and the now the lead actress of the Wenchuan earthquake-themed movie “Bright Sunshine,” gave an speech to celebrate the opening of the 7th Chinese American Film Festival yesterday in San Francisco, America.
According to the organizer of the event, over 20 well-chosen Chinese movies will be screened in local theaters in mid to late November.

The cinematic activities of the 7th Chinese American Film Festival will cover other regions of America including Hollywood and Los Angeles.

The Wenchuan earthquake-themed movie, “Bright Sunshine,” featuring the real experiences of how people in the stricken area fought against the trauma caused by the devastating disaster, opened the event in San Francisco. Director Yang Yazhou and the lead actress Ni Ping attended the opening ceremony and shared their filming experiences with audiences.

Ni said in an interview that the new generation of Chinese Americans can see more Chinese movies to have a better understanding of modern China.

Chen Nan
Chinese Films