Group army conducts “Dawn 11” comprehensive drill

In mid October, a group army under the Lanzhou Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) staged a comprehensive drill code-named “Dawn 11” in the depth of the Tengger Desert.

The joint operation command post of the “red forces” was composed of several mobile command shelter vehicles scattered behind the sand hills secretly. He Qingcheng, commander of the “red forces” joint operation group, also commander of the group army, said that the mobile command shelter was made up of a certain number of mobile command platforms. Each shelter is equipped with computers, satellite navigators and other facilities. These command shelters form a command network that connects the three services and the individual soldiers, basically realizing the synchronous and real-time command in the battlefield.

At this moment, more than 10 commanding officers from the PLA Air Force, the army aviation force, the Second Artillery Force (SAF) were busy sending orders in their command shelters respectively. One order after another was transmitted via the operational command network to each combat unit. “The application of information technologies makes it possible for the commanders of the participating troops of different services to control the process of the operations simultaneously,” said a staff officer.

During the whole drill, live video, audio and data could be shared by all the participating troops of different services and arms. The commanders at various levels were offered an opportunity to test their commanding abilities in a multi-service joint operation with the help of IT-based command systems.

It is learned that at present, over 95% of the commanders at division, brigade and regiment levels of this group army can skillfully perform online command, and 90% of them are able to operate more than 6 types of main battle equipment, playing a leading role in accelerating the transformation of combat capability generation mode of the group army.

Hou Guorong, Gou Jianhong and Wang Nengcai

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