Chinese Movie set to Emulate “Indiana Jones” and “007”

China is to make its own “Indiana Jones” style movie featuring a leading character with the same romantic charisma as Hollywood’s most famous special agent, “007”.

A press conference was held in Hangzhou yesterday announcing the start of filming for the treasure-hunting movie “Fuchun Mountains”, co-directed by Chinese director Sun Jianjun and American director Bob Brown.

The two directors were accompanied to the event by members of the cast, Andy Lau, Lin Chiling, Tong Dawei and Zhang Jingchu.

Set in 2010, the movie tells the story of intrepid treasure hunters, vying with one another in an effort to locate the famous Chinese painting, “Fuchun Mountains”, created by Huang Gongwang during the Yuan Dynasty.

Award-winning actor Andy Lau is set to play the leading role, a brave and intelligent detective who becomes embroiled in a love triangle with Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling.

According to the production company, aside from China, shooting will also take place in Japan, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

Chen Nan

Chinese Films

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