Presidents of 13 domestic and foreign military academies meet in China

On October 25, presidents of five military academies of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and presidents of eight military academies from Japan, South Korea, the United States and France gathered in PLA University of Science and Technology (UST) to attend the discussion and exchange activities on the topic of “cultivating army officers of the informationization era “.

It is reported that the three-day discussion and exchange activities adopted a combination of keynote speech and special topic symposium, during which presidents of both domestic and foreign military academies made exploration and discussion on the topics including “Tasks and development trends of Chinese military academic education institutions”, “Cultivating military leaders of informationization era”, “Education system and training mode of army officer academy”, and “Training system of military cadet quality and leadership capability”. They also visited the related Chinese military institutions.

Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese PLA, participated in discussion and exchange activities and met with presidents of domestic and foreign military academies.

A total of 60 people attended the event, including presidents of five Chinese military institutions such as National University of Defense Technology, PLA Information Engineering University, PLA UST, PLA Army Officer College, and PLA Armored Force Engineering Institute, presidents of eight foreign military institutes such as the Japanese Defense University, the South Korean Army Officer University, the Turkish Army Officer Academy, the French Saint-Cyr Military Academy, the German Federal Defense Force Command College, the United States Military Academy (West Point), Canada Royal Military College and Australian Military Defense Academy, leaders of related PLA institutions, leaders of relevant departments of the leading organs of the PLA general headquarters/departments, and entourage of foreign military academies.

Liu Feng’an and Ma Shengwei

Chinese Mil

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