International Taoism Forum Closes Successfully

The International Taoism Forum drew its curtain with a blessing ceremony for the world harmony at Hengshan Mountain on the afternoon of Oct. 25. Wang Zuo’an, president of the China Religious Culture Communication Association, Li Weiwei, director of the Organizing Committee of the forum, and Ren Farong, president of the Chinese Taoism Association, delivered speeches at the closing ceremony.

During the forum, eminent priests with different backgrounds and distinguished guests from all over the world interpreted the application and value of the main tenets of Taoism in the modern age and expounded the connotation, functions and prospects of Taoism culture. Their statements reflected the great attention of the Taoist community to the contemporary world and real life.

At the closing ceremony, the organizing committee granted the classic Taoism document Complete Work of Lao Tzu to over 30 organizations present, and all guests there chanted the Nanyue Declaration and conveyed their best wishes of promoting harmony between the nature and human and achieving the peace of the whole world with concerted efforts.

Guo Yan

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