Diverse conscription publicity activities in different regions of China

To attract more youths of military age to sign up to join the army, the People’s Armed Forces Department of the Daye City in central China’s Hubei Province issued a preferential policy on the conscription work in this winter, increasing the allowance for families of conscripts, an increase from 1,500 Yuan to 4,600 Yuan of the annual allowance for the families of conscripts in rural areas. The people’s government of Daye City will offer 20 specific civil service posts each year for the retired soldiers with college education backgrounds based on their examination grades.

On the morning of October 25, the Conscription Office of the Beijing Municipality organized more than 100 students from 10 colleges and universities in Beijing to pay a visit to a regiment of the PLA Beijing Garrison. These conscript candidates learnt and experienced the military service life personally through such activities as visiting the barracks and equipent, watching the military training demonstrations and having person-to-person exchanges with the officers and men.

Yue Changlu, a junior student of Beijing Union University, said, “This visit to the army barracks gave me an opportunity to personally experience the colorful life of soldiers. I’ve made up my mind to join the army!”

To attract highly qualified and well educated youths into the army, the People’s Armed Forces Department of the Mengzi County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, initiated the activity of “national defence mobilization into university campuses” after the beginning of the conscription work in this winter. It invited excellent servicemen from the military units stationed in Mengzi to give speeches in universities in Mengzi. Up to now, there have been over 200 graduating students who have signed up to join the army.

To create the thick atmosphere of “join the army and serve the country enthusiastically”, the PLA Jiamusi Military Sub-command in Heilongjiang Province established multi-dimensional publicity networks by making full use of signboards in streets, short message of mobile phones, electronic signs of taxis and social networking platforms in communities in the city to widely publicize the Military Service Law, the Regulations on Conscription Work and other conscription policies.

Ou Yang

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