Peugeot launched new 308 in China

Peugeot launched the three body styles 308 at a National Convention in Shanghai. This is the third launch of the Peugeot brand in the Chinese market in 18 months.

After presenting a preview at the Salon of Chengdu in mid-September, the three body styles Peugeot 308 is launched today in Chinese market, on the occasion of a National Convention brings together all of the network and the Chinese media.

In a fast growing market, this three-body Dong Feng Peugeot c, produced in a factory in Wuhan, will reinforce the supply of the brand, especially in the C segment (medium vehicles), strategic segment which now represents 50% of the world’s biggest car market. With this new launch, Peugeot intends to strengthen its presence in this market segment competition, with a target of full-year sales of 60,000 vehicles. Thus, the full range of Peugeot in the C segment with Chinese, 307 two-body and three-body, 408 and 308, should represent a volume of 150,000 vehicles per year, about 60% of total sales of the brand 2012.

The 308 three-body uses the base vehicle platform 2 of the PSA Peugeot Citroen, which with this new launch is expected to cover about 1.3 million vehicles a year. The Dong Feng Peugeot 308 has therefore the best available technologies and the entire industrial know-how of the group. The launch of the Dong Feng Peugeot 308 is a new page in the history of the series of Peugeot 300 to 301 in 1936 to 308 today, represented a volume of 11.2 million vehicles on the 56 million cars sold to date by Peugeot.

The National Convention, held in Shanghai, was used to present the car to the Peugeot 241 dealers spread across 191 cities in China and mark the beginning of the commercialization of Dong Feng Peugeot 308. With the launch of a third vehicle manufactured locally in less than 18 months in the Chinese territory, plus the recent launches of the RCZ 3008 and imported vehicles, Peugeot continues to expand its range in order to achieve the ambitious goals it has set in the Chinese market.

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