Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin’s Regular Press Conference on October 18, 2011

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin started the press conference with the following announcement:

As agreed by China and the US, US National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon will pay a visit to China from October 22 to 24.

Q: It is reported that the prisoner swap agreement between Hamas and Israel is put into practice today. What is China’s comment?

A: China welcomes the agreement which is conducive to easing the tensions between Palestine and Israel and appreciates the good offices of Egypt and other parties in this regard. We hope that Palestine and Israel will continue with constructive measures to ease the situation, narrow differences and resume peace talks as soon as possible.

Q: Please give us some details about the itinerary and agenda items of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi’s visit to Denmark. Will the human rights issue be covered in their talks?

A: Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will meet and hold talks with Prime Minister Schmidt and Foreign Minister Søvndal respectively. The core item of the agenda will be further enhancing cooperation. China will not shy away from candid exchange of views with Denmark on our differences.

During his visit, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will also deliver a speech in a Danish academic institution to expound China’s opinions on the international landscape, China-Denmark relations and China-EU relations and shed light on China’s policy of peaceful development. We welcome your colleagues’ attendance and coverage.

Q: It is reported that the Middle East Quartet will send officials to Jerusalem on October 26 to hold talks with the Israeli and Palestinian sides respectively on the resumption of direct peace talks. What is China’s comment?

A: The Middle East peace process is at a critical juncture. China supports international peacemaking efforts which are conducive to the early resumption of talks between Palestine and Israel and hopes all relevant parties coordinate actively to remove obstacles and create conditions for the resumption of negotiation.

Q: Russian Prime Minister Putin reportedly said in a recent interview with Russian TV that unlike China, Russia did not seek global leadership. What is China’s comment?

A: I have noted the discrepancy between some reports and Prime Minister Putin’s original remarks. He emphasized in the interview China’s role as an important strategic partner of Russia, expressed satisfaction with China-Russia good-neighborly friendship, mutually beneficial cooperation and the sound development momentum of bilateral strategic partnership of coordination and applauded, in particular, the two countries’ accomodation of each other’s concerns and active pursuit of win-win outcomes in bilateral cooperation. China totally agrees with him.

China has no intention nor energy to seek global leadership. China is committed to peaceful development for the sake of people’s well-being and would like to continue to play a positive and constructive role in the international arena.

Q: China strengthened regulation over foreign-invested enterprises after Wal-Mart was found to be selling pork falsely labelled as organic. How do you comment?

A: China has been working actively to improve the investment environment for foreign capital and efforts in this regard are widely recognized and applauded by many foreign-invested enterprises and chambers of commerce in China. We hope to join hands with foreign-invested enterprises to further improve China’s investment environment.

Meanwhile, we also hope those enterprises can realize big changes have taken place. Chinese enterprises have greatly improved their competitiveness compared with 30 years ago through their own efforts. Foreign-invested enterprises need to adjust to the changes in China rather than simply rely on preferential policies as in the past. Granting the same treatment to domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, we hope the latter will work to improve their own competitiveness and abide by China’s laws and regulations.

Q: What issues are up for discussion during US National Security Advisor Donilon’s visit to China?

A: During Advisor Donilon’s visit to China, State Councilor Dai Bingguo will hold talks with him. The two sides will exchange views on China-US relations and some overall and strategic issues in the international situation. We will release relevant information in due course.

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