Autographed Photo of Chairman Mao Sold for¥910,000 at Auction

On Oct. 16, an autographed photo of Chairman Mao was auctioned for 910,000 yuan at the Auction of Calligraphy and Painting Created by Hunan Artists in Latest Three Hundred Years.

“This photo was made in June, 1950. It is the first standard photo of Chairman Mao”, introduced by the organizing committee of the event, “It is now used as the image of 100-yuan RMB”.

Besides this precious photo, many other valuable articles provided by Chen Yuying and her daughter Sun Yan are auctioned, such as mails of Mao Anying ( 毛岸英, Chairman Mao’s eldest son) and calligraphy inscriptions and works of Hua Guofeng (a former state leader of China).

Fan Yani

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