Hunan-made Statue of Martin Luther King Unveiled in Washington

On Oct.16, American President Obama together with 100 thousand American citizens cut the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony for the monument of Martin Luther King. It was designed by Lei Yixin (雷宜锌), an internationally well-known sculpture master from China’s Hunan Province.

Representatives attended the ceremony to extend congratulations on behalf of Obama. They highly praised Martin Luther King’s dream of harmonious co-existence and the magnificence of the statue.

Located at the center of Washington Square, the heart of America, the 10-meter-high statue is the only immense figure sculpture there. The raw material of the statue, granite, was obtained from China’s Fujian Province.

After the ceremony, Obama officially invited Mr. Lei and his family to the White House. His recent work, Obama’s bronze sculpture, will be presented to the president.

Hao Jingru

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