Still Shots of “Midnight Microblog” Released

Still Shot from the Movie, "Midnight Microblog"

Microblogs have been a popular means of communication in recent years, though the creators of these “weibo” probably didn’t think they would be used for a darker kind of communication.

Microblogs are the inspiration behind the latest horror film, “Midnight Microblog” (午夜微博) which stars Taiwanese idol Danson Tang (唐禹哲) and mainland horror queen Deng Ziyi (邓紫衣).

“Midnight Microblog” revolves around a series of supernatural accidents caused by “microblogs”. Most of the indoor scenes of the film were shot in a hospital in Harbin, with the wards and mortuary being the main setting.

In order to give a real aspect to the characters, makeup and sets, Director Deng Ke decided to use accessible and common props for the film.

According to some reports, the appearance and style of the two lead actors in the film has been released, demonstrating the use of fashionable styles, bringing a different artistic effect to audiences.

The release date of the film has yet to be confirmed.

Zhang Ting

Chinese Films

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