Cantopop King Leon Lai Takes on Theme for “White Vengeance”

Director Daniel Lee (L-2), along with Leon Lai, Feng Shaofeng and Liu Yifei made their appearance for the launch of the official website of the film 'White Vengeance.'

One of China’s four kings of Canto-pop, Leon Lai (黎明), has put his own special twist on the theme song of the upcoming film ‘White Vengeance‘ (鸿门宴).

Lai, along with Feng Shaofeng and Liu Yifei star in the film, which retells the story of the feast at Hong Gate.

The official website of the historical costume epic was launched on October 17, while the film’s theme song “In a Breath” (Yi Nian) was also released at the news conference.

Director Daniel Lee revealed that the post-dubbing phase has been completed and now the film is in the intense post-production stage.

The film is set during the end of the Qin Dynasty, while Xiang Yu (portrayed by Feng Shaofeng) and Liu Bang (portrayed by Leon Lai) both had ambitions of conquering the country and becoming king.

The film is set to be released in November.

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