Another Poor Film for Model-turned-Actress Lin?

Stars on the press conference for "Love on Credit."

Famous for her sweet albeit affected voice and stunning body, model-turned-actress Lin Chiling turned heads when she joined hands with award-winning actor Chen Kun for the movie, “Love on Credit.” (幸福额度)

Amid skepticism from the media and audiences, Lin and cast members Chen Kun, Liao Fan, Tony Yang long with the director Leste Chen stepped on stage to answer the question as to whether it will be another B-grade film, or a success story.

The movie, revolving around love and relationships between two twin sisters and three men, held a press conference to announce its premiere yesterday in Beijing.

When asked about whether Lin is right for the character, director Leste Chen applauded in an effort to demonstrate his admiration. He said that Lin had jumped from a building 17 times at night without any complaints. “There aren’t many male actors more professional than Lin,” He said.

There is a part in the movie when Lin acts on a bed with her co-star Liao Fan and shows her naked back. Although there is no further physical contact between the two of them, both actors felt shy on the set. Lin thanked Liao for his respect and told the media they finished the scene in a professional manner.

The movie will hit national screens on October 20.

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