Taiwan’s elite military personnel participated in ceremonial parade

October 10, Taiwan held ceremonial parade on the square in front of “Presidential palace”.

The teams came from Taiwan’s elite combat units, including military frogmen, women’s special operations forces, women’s airborne unit and the Army’s elite combat units.

Army divers of Taiwan military forces.
Special operations soldiers.
Women Soldiers.
German-MP5A3 submachine gun.
Women soldier.
Women's special forces soldiers toting rope.
Bullet-proof shield.
Heavily armed frogmen.
Soldier with shotgun.
T91 assault rifle.
Strong soldier shows muscle.
Taiwan's self-produced T-91 rifle.
T-91 rifle with Tactical sights and light.
T-91 rifle and M5.
Underwater dagger and military watch.
Pistol and holster.

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