PLA Air Force spikes fighter crash rumor

At a piece of news recently spread on the Internet saying that “a J-10B fighter of China crashed during its trial flight in Yanliang area of Shaanxi Province and the pilot died”, the reporter contacted relevant department of the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on October 9 and was informed that there was neither such an incident of a J-10B fighter crash nor pilot death. “This is a piece of false news, and it is a sheer lie”.

This lie, made up by an employee with a website based in Beijing and published in his personal blog, raised great concern of related media and thus was blindly forwarded.

On September 30, a responsible official with the Online News and Publicity Bureau under the National Internet Network Information Office (NINIO) issued a statement saying that it should resolutely curb such conduct as fabricating facts and making up lies for publication online.

The official noted that the NINIO had required related regional administrative departments to punish the individuals and web sites who produced and disseminated rumors according to law and bring them to justice.

The official said that the Internet companies and websites should strengthen the information release management so as to keep away rumors, and the public are welcome to report on false information online in an active way.

Fei Boyu

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