The Film “Kora” Listed in the 48th Golden Horse Awards

Director Du Jiayi’s (杜家毅) adventure drama, “Kora” 《转山》, has been listed in the 48th Golden Horse Awards to compete for “Best New Director” and “Best Adapted Screenplay,” after it short-listed for the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival a few days ago, according to a report from

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, the film “Kora” tells the tale of a young Taiwanese who journeys to Tibet by bicycle. The film depicts the beautiful scenery along side the Yunnan-Tibet borders starting from Lijiang to Lhasa.

“I didn’t choose Tibet’s best season for shooting, deliberately weakening the scenery in the film,” Director Du Jiayi revealed. “Depicting the magnificent and beautiful scenery of Yunnan-Tibet borders belongs to the mission of the scenic film, while “Kora” stresses the sentimental side of it.”

The film will be screened nationwide on October 22.

Zhang Ting

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