Serious Traffic Accident in China: 35 Dead and 20 Injured

A serious accident occurred Friday afternoon in the city of Tianjin, causing 35 dead and 20 wounded, according to police sources.

The accident happened Friday around 4:00 p.m. when a bus overturned after hitting the back of a car in the Tianjin section of a highway linking the Binhai New Area and Baoding City in the neighboring province Hebei.

Most of the passengers aboard the bus were students of the Institute of Tangshan in Hebei. They were on the way back to their school during the last day of National Day holiday, the source said.

The nineteen wounded were transported to local hospitals, where their identity was recorded, and the bus driver is still in a coma.

The police are trying now to identify the deceased victims.

An investigation team composed of members of the National Audit Office of Occupational Safety and Department of Public Safety was dispatched to the scene of the accident.

It seems that the bus was traveling at an excessive speed, and many passengers were ejected from the vehicle when it collided with a car and then tip over, said Wang Qiang, an official from the Office of traffic Management in Tianjin.

The road, which was closed after the accident, was reopened to traffic Saturday morning around 8:00.

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