‘Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale’ Leads Golden Horse Awards

Taiwanese director Wei Desheng’s epic film “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” 《賽德克·巴萊》 leads the 48th Golden Horse Awards with 11 nominations.

The organizing committee of this year’s event announced its nomination list on October 4 in Taipei. The 2010 mainland blockbuster movie, “Let the Bullets Fly,” received 9 nominations after “Seediq Bale.”

The epic film “Seediq Bale” revolves around the Wushe Incident in 1930, when the leader of the indigenous Seediq Nation led his people in battle against Japanese invaders. He committed suicide after they lost the war. The movie continues to hold onto the number one spot on Taiwan’s box office chart, after being there for three weeks raking in a box office revenue of over 300 million TWD (about $10.4 million) so far.

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang and his daughter Bowie will host the awards event that will open on November 26 at Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Chen Nan

Summary for Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale:

During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, the Seediq were forced to lose their own culture and give up their faith. Men were subject to harsh labor and kept from traditional hunting; whereas women had to serve the Japanese policemen and their families by doing the household work and giving up their traditional weaving work. Above all, they were forbidden to tattoo their faces. And these tattoos were seen as the Seediq’s traditional belief to transform themselves into Seediq Bale (“true humans”).

Mona Rudao, the protagonist, witnessed the repression by the Japanese over a period of 30 years. Sometime between autumn and winter 1930, when the slave labor is at its harshest, a young Seediq couple are married and a joyful party is thrown. At the same time, a newly appointed Japanese policeman goes on his inspection tour to this tribe…

The full list of nominations is detailed below:

Nominees for Best Feature Film

“Seediq Bale”

“Let the Bullets Fly”

“A Simple Life”

“Return Ticket”

“The Piano in a Factory”

Nominees for Best Director

Wei Desheng (“Seediq Bale”)

Jiang Wen (“Let the Bullets Fly”)

Ann Hui (“A Simple Life”)

Zhang Meng (“The Piano in a Factory”)

Nominees for Best Actor

Eddie Peng (“Jump! Ashin”)

Ge You (“Let the Bullets Fly”)

Andy Lao (“A Simple Life”)

Wang Qianyuan (“The Piano in a Factory”)

Nominees for Best Actress

Michelle Chen (“You are the Apple of my Eye”)

Shu Qi (“Never Let You Alone”)

Deanie Ip (“A Simple Life”)

Qin Hailu (“The Piano in a Factory”)

Nominees for Best Supporting Actor

Lin Ko (“Jump! Ashin”)

Liu Yong (“Revenge: a Love Story”)

Xu Zhifan (“Seediq Bale”)

Wang Yu (“Wu Xia”)

Nominees for Best Supporting Actress

Kara Hui (“A Chinese Fairy Tale”)

Jiang Wenli (“Love for Life”)

Carina Lau (“Let the Bullets Fly”)

Tang Qun (“Return Ticket”)

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