Design Expo Draws 90,000 People in First Week

More than 90,000 people have visited the Taipei World Design Expo in the first week after it opened, organizers said Friday.

Though rainy weather dominated most of the past week, the nation’s biggest-ever international design expo attracted visitors of all ages and from all walks of life, said the project office for the 2011 International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress.

“Attendance reached 22,000 to 23,000 per day last weekend, and we are expecting a spike on the Double Ten holiday,” said Office Director Connie Chang.

Chang said the expo will feature family-friendly exhibitions on the Oct. 8-10 holiday weekend, including a design project that involves more than 9,000 elementary school students.

In the project, called “Fly, no matter what,” four designers collected bird-themed art works from local students and turned the pictures into an animated film.

The resulting virtual bird they created hovers over different surroundings, suggesting metaphorically that people should pursue their dreams without fear, the artists said.

“I think this is an amazing project, very delightful, very inspiring,” said 22-year-old visitor Wu Yun-chien.

Older visitors, however, said they hoped to see more down-to-earth design, or at least explanations of projects that were more accessible.

“What impressed me the most so far was a show that illustrated how flat irons have evolved over decades,” said 74-year-old Chien A-ni. “I hope they can use language we can understand so we know what’s going on with some of these designs.”

Lee Hsin-Yin

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