Chinese Magazine Covers: Xinhai Revolution

The Xinhai Revolution, which began with the Wuchang Uprising on October 10, 1911 and ended with the abdication of the “Last Emperor” Puyi on February 12, 1912, is named after the Xinhai year in the sexagenary cycle of the Chinese calendar. The Xinhai Revolution marks the end of over 2,000 years of Imperial China and the beginning of China’s Republican era.

"Sun Yat-Sen: The Revolutionist"
"The Creation of the Republic"
"Looking back 100 years: The year of 1911"
"Sun Yat-sen: Why Revolution?"
"The Last Straw that Breaks the Qing Dynasty"
"The People, The Nation"
"Xinhai: The Incomplete Revolution"
"Why They Failed to Stop the Collapse of Qing dynasty"
"Regime Change: The Last Day of Imperial China"
"The People who Overthrow the Emperor"
"The Descendant of Xinhai"

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