The Secret World of Military Policewomen

Photographer Li Yuning recorded the inner world of military policewomen who were born in 1990s.

Li works in Zhengzhou, Henan. Been a journalist in Political Department of the Armed Police, Li Yuning said it is not the military life but those people in uniform attract him. “I don’t have to discover the story, the story develops there and I just came across it.”

A new sodier.
Female soldiers in political class.
A sitting soldier on duty.
Girls nap in class.
The monitor on duty.
Girl lost in thought.
Ready for new dress.
A college student soldier studying in front of the bed.
Hold for a while.
Standard army shoes
Watching TV with the MP5.
Sending text messages.
Wipe the sweat.
Girl looking out the window deep in thought.
Enjoy fruits during the break.
Eyebrow Shaping.
Girl in the mirror.
Dance rehearsal for the farewell party.
Pink butterfly.
Retired soldier.
New soldier.
Extraordinary moment in ordinary life.

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