Animated Image of Confucius Unveiled in New York’s Times Square

The animated portrait of Chinese ancient sage Confucius debut in New York’s Times Square on Saturday, delivering the Chinese culture image in a generous and classy style.

The 30-second short film presents the hometown of Confucious in Shandong as well as the ink animation image of Confucius bowing with hands folded in front. It features the Confucius Temple, the Taishan mountain, the Yellow River and China’s Olympic sailing competitions host city Qingdao.

The image of the of Confucius comes from the painting of Tang Dynasty by Wu Daozi. Confucius’ bow conveys China’s traditional culture, the spirit of “benevolence” and “peace”.

China began setting up Confucius Institutes in 2004 to publicize Chinese language and culture throughout the world. As of May this year, 300 Confucius Institutes and 400 Confucius Classes have been established in more than 100 countries around the world.

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