China Urged Burma to Ensure the Rights of Chinese Companies

China urged Burma to ensure the rights of Chinese companies after the Burmese government’s decision to suspend a giant dam project financed by China in the north and contested by environmentalists and local people.

The new Burmese Government, which multiplies the signs of openness towards its opponents, has announced the suspension of construction on the Irrawaddy River in Kachin State.

This project of 3.6 billion is supported by the Chinese energy giant China Power Investment Corp.

A spokesman for China’s diplomacy has called on Burma to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

The Myitsone Dam is a project jointly funded by China and Burma, rigorously studied by both sides, said Hong Lei in a statement.

He called on Rangoon to hold friendly consultations in this matter, without giving more details.

The Burmese government’s announcement marks a reversal of the regime. The Burmese media have indeed mentioned earlier in September the Minister of Electricity ensuring that the project would continue despite protests.

The environmentalists have long complained that they felt the dam was to flood dozens of villages, displace at least 10,000 people and make irreversible damage to a region which is very rich in biodiversity.

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