Mainland and Taiwan have Caught 800 Scammers

More than 800 people were put behind bars as a result of large-scale police operation in Mainland China and Taiwan.

All the detainees are members of two gangs engaged in “Telecommunications” fraud. These include not only Chinese but also the citizens of some neighboring countries of Southeast Asia.

In total, police have recorded more than 1,800 crimes, and revenue of these telephone scams, according to conservative estimates, tens of millions of dollars.

Criminals have created an effective scheme of work, which prevented the police from exposing the entire network.

Illegal business quickly developed and spread in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. Criminals have provided their victims different “services”: connect to the cellular, Internet, selling “lucky” numbers, and more. In addition, a separate group, which was engaged in extortion from gullible citizens. For example, the called and demanded to pay a certain sum for the termination of criminal proceedings which never happened. But often the victim of confusion instantly transfer money to those accounts, which were also hidden from the gaze of police. The gang operated a special group, which is engaged exclusively in banking matters and money laundering.

Despite the fact that Taiwan is officially China’s territory, there still has its own laws, its police, in general, people live their life different from Beijing. In one case, the organizer of the gang – a resident of Taiwan, hiding from the Taiwanese police moved to the mainland, rent a foreign server, and performed a variety of frauds, the Taiwan police for a long time failed to detect the offender. Nevertheless, after the establishment of the interaction mechanism between law enforcement authorities in Beijing and Taipei, Taiwan police were able to catch the offender. The organizer was discovered in the southeastern province of Fujian.

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