PSA Working on a New Gasoline Hybrid Engine for China

The French automotive group PSA, which owns the Peugeot and Citroën, has opted for the diesel hybrid technology to create, the first model goes on sale later this year. However, the manufacturer is investigating hybridization with a gasoline engine to sell these models in China.

The PSA group has always been a pioneer in diesel engines. Its HDi models, the most efficient on the market, are examples of this. This know-how has weighed on the French manufacturer in developing a hybrid technology that combines an electric motor with another diesel engine, becoming the manufacturer who opts for diesel, not gasoline. However, it is not the first diesel hybrid engine, as Toyota has developed one that sells in small quantities.

The result of this research is the 3008 Hybrid4, Peugeot’s first hybrid model that has two engines, one electric and one diesel, which will go on sale in Europe in December this year. It will be followed by two new models for high-end range of the French brand, the 508 RXH, which will arrive in spring, and the 508 Hybrid4.

However, diesel is not widespread in other parts of the world and in Europe. For this reason, the PSA group, engaged in a strategy of internationalization, is currently investigating the hybridization with a gasoline engine for the Chinese market, as confirmed by the head of Peugeot communication, Marc Bocqué in the world premiere of the 3008 Hybrid4 in Brittany (France).

The structure of the hybrid model developed by PSA, where electric and diesel engines work independently, becomes a kind of puzzle that facilitates the replacement technology for a diesel engine. Thus, the development of the new hybrid engine for Chinese market would not be a major technological problem.

Bocqué, who refused to unveil the date of hybrid engine to China, said that Peugeot is making a great effort to emerging markets like Asia or Brazil. Currently, 46% of sales of the brand and are made outside Europe. Within this policy, the French brand manager also revealed that the group will invest 650 million euros in a factory in India.

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