Volkswagen’s New Electric Car Brand ‘Tantus’ Gets Approved

Volkswagen wants to establish a new Chinese brand “Tantus” (天越) with its partner in Shanghai and develop an electric car under that brand. A spokesman for Volkswagen in China said on Wednesday that the request for the new brand with Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) has been approved by the Ministry of Industry (MIIT) in Beijing. The license, the concept of an electric car had been filed.

China’s government has been calling for more foreign carmakers to set up independent brands with their counterparts in China. Europe’s biggest carmaker therefore established two Chinese brands with joint venture partners in Shanghai and Changchun.

In May, Volkswagen has already received the license to build an electric car for the middle class together with First Automotive Works (FAW) in Changchun, under the new name of “Kaili” (开利).

The detailed timetable for the electric cars is still unclear. The giant foreign car manufacturers want to start with the production of electric cars in China in 2013 or 2014.

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